Things Considered During Child Custody Battles in California

One of the ugliest parts of divorce is the child custody battle. It’s a difficult and sensitive field to learn how to maneuver, even with legal representation. Parents should become familiar with the things that are considered during California child custody battles so they can be prepared.

Parental Behavior

A big factor is how parents behave during the custody case. It is unwise for parents to lie about anything, as it can harm their entire credibility, or talk negatively about each other in front of the children. Judges look for signs of brainwashing, also called parental alienation. They also review each parent’s history for abuse, drug use, and other criminal activity. Additional important influences are cooperation and communication.

Child Welfare

Judges have the children’s best interests at heart. They have no personal investment in the final arrangement, so their decisions really are about giving the children the best situation possible, whether the parents like it or not. They consider the children’s health, safety, education, and ages.

Parent-Child Relationship

When it comes to family time spent together, quality trumps quantity. Judges strongly regard the emotional bond each parent has with the children, while also factoring in circumstances like work and the children’s personalities. Older children may be given the opportunity to express parental preference, though it is not a guarantee they will only get to live with the desired parent.

Parents should do all they can to make their child custody case as civil as possible not just for their own sakes, but especially for the sake of their children. To get more information on a move away attorney in Irvine for easy child relocation, visit this website.


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